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Solitions Solutions, LLC

Adjusting to a new way of Living...

We are all in this together!

Due to COVID-19, lives have changed. 

Most affected...children. 

They are missing regular, social interaction. 

Not all camps will reopen this summer. Solitions sitters can keep the kids busy while you work from home. 

Even running errands is a bigger challenge now!!! Just imagine putting on your mask and running errands while the kids are safely at home with a sitter?! Let us help you live as normal as possible... 

as safely as possible!

We are the Solution.

Solitions Solutions, LLC

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Membership: $65 for the year

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"Non-Nanny" Assistance?

Need an Extra set of Hands? 

We assist with party/holiday decorating, light yard work, elderly companions and more!!!

Rates starting at $17 per hour.

(We are not a transportation or medical service)

Love Your Nanny?

If you feel your children have met their favorite sitter ... 

Put in a request! 

Let's confirm your sitter for the dates you would like immediately!

Sitter rates start at $12 per hour.