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Solitions Solutions, LLC

Adjusting to a new way of Living...

We are in this together!

 Lets be honest...

2020 has made some parents realize teaching isn't exactly "their thing", and that bucket list is now delayed and running errand is a bigger challenge than we've ever dreamed.

Imagine putting on your mask and running out, while the kids are at home with a sitter of your choice?! 

Let us help you check an item off of that bucket list as safely as possibly. we do the heavy lifting. We will screen / interview and background check, so you can relax and have moments of normalcy...

more often.

We are the Solution!

Find Solutions for your needs... Below!


Become a member and receive perks, promotions and savings.

Membership: $65 for the year

Call in for additional rates.

"Non-Nanny" Assistance?

Need an Extra set of Hands? 

Light yard work, Elderly companions (let us help your family member with online, home grocery orders, and video chatting), Certified Computer Technicians office set up, (remote computer techs available) and more!!!

Rates starting at $16 per hour.

(We are not a transportation or medical service)

Love Your Nanny?

Once your family has met their favorite sitter/helper through any of our services,

Call in to set up an an early or regular request! 

Sitter rates start as low as $13 per hour.

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